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Legal notice and terms of use

In this space, the USER, will be able to find all the information relative to the legal terms and conditions that define the relations between the users and us like persons in charge of this web. Like user, it is important that you know these terms before continuing your navigation. 315 Grams Laboratory Graphic SL.Como responsible for this web, it undertakes the commitment to process the information of our users and clients with full guarantees and to expire with the national and European requisites that regulate the compilation and use of the personal details of our users. This web, therefore, fulfills severely with the RGPD (I REGULATE (EU) 2016/679 of protection of information) and the LSSI-CE the Law 34/2002, of July 11, of services of the information society and of electronic commerce.

All the images of our products and web come from banks of free images of rights as,,, etc.

General usage conditions

The present General Conditions regulate the use (including the mere access) of the pages of the web, integral of the web site of included the contents and services put at disposal in them. Every person who gains access to the web, (" User)" accepts to surrender to the current General Conditions in every moment of the portal


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The User remains informed, and accepts, that the access to the web present does not suppose, in any way, the beginning of a commercial relation with Thus the user promises to use the Web place, its services and contents without violating the current legislation, the good faith and the public order.
The use of the web remains prohibited, with illicit or harmful ends, or that, of any form, could cause damage or prevent the normal functioning of the web site. With regard to the contents of this web, prohíbe:Su reproduction, distribution or modification, entire or partial, unless one is provided with the authorization of its legitimate holders; Any violation of the rights of the lender or of the legitimate holders; Its use for commercial or advertizing ends.

In the use of the web,, the User promises not to carry out any conduct that could damage the image, the interests and the rights of or of third or that could damage, render useless or overload the portal (to indicate domain) or that the normal use of the web was preventing, of any form. Nevertheless, the User must realize that the accident control measures of the computer systems in Internet are not entirely trustworthy and that, therefore it cannot guarantee the nonexistence of virus or other elements that could produce alterations in the computer systems (software and hardware) of the User or in its electronic documents and files contained in the same ones.


The personal details communicated by the user to can be stored in automated or not databases, which entitlement corresponds exclusive to, assuming this one all the measurements of technical, organizational nature and of safety that guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and quality of the information contained in the same ones in accordance with the established in the current regulation in information protection.
The communication between the users and it uses a sure channel, and the transmitted information is coded thanks to protocols to https, therefore, we guarantee the best safety conditions so that the confidentiality of the users is guaranteed.

CLAIMS he informs that claim sheets exist at the disposal of users and clients. The User will be able to realize claims requesting its claim sheet or sending an e-mail tohola@be-safe.esindicating its name and surnames, the service and/or acquired product and exhibiting the motives of its claim.

The user / buyer will be able to notify the claim, good to us across e-mail, if he wishes it enclosing the following claim form: The service / product: Acquired the day: Name of the user: Domicile of the user: Signature of the user (only if it appears in role): It dates: Motive of the claim:


If it can be of your interest, to submit your claims you can use also the platform of resolution of litigations that the European Commission facilitates and that one finds available in the following linkage:


By virtue of the arranged in the articles 8 and 32.1, the second paragraph, of the Law of Intellectual property, there remain definitely prohibited the reproduction, the distribution and the public, included communication its putting form at disposal, of the totality or part of the contents of this web page, with commercial ends, in any support and for any technical way, without the authorization of The user promises to respect the rights of Intellectual Property and Industrial entitlement of
The user knows and accepts that the totality of the web site, containing without exhaustive character the text, software, contents (including structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of the same ones) podcast, photos, audiovisual material and graphs, it is protected by marks, copyright and other legitimate rights, in accordance with the international agreements in which Spain is a part and other rights of property and laws of Spain. In case a user or a third one think that there has taken place a violation of its legitimate rights of intellectual property for the introduction of a certain content in the web, it will have to notify the above mentioned circumstance to indicating:

  • Personal details of the titular interested party of the rights supposedly infringed, or to indicate the representation with which it acts in case the claim the present one a third different one of the interested party.
  • To indicate the contents protected by the rights of intellectual property and its place in the web, the accreditation of the special rights of intellectual property and express declaration in which the interested party takes responsibility of the veracity of the informations facilitated in the notification



The pages of the web, it might provide linkage to other proper and suppressed web sites that are a property of third. The only object of the linkage is to provide to the User the possibility of gaining access to the above mentioned linkage. it does not take responsibility in any case of the results that could stem the User for access to the above mentioned linkage.
Also, the user will find inside this place, pages, promotions, programs of affiliates who gain access to the habits of navigation of the users to establish profiles. This information is always anonymous and the user is not identified.

The Information that is provided in these Places sponsored or linkage of affiliates is subject to the politics of privacy that are used in the above mentioned Places and it will not be subject to this privacy politics. Therefore we recommend extensively the Users to check in detail the politics of privacy of the linkage of affiliate.
The User who proposes to establish any technical linkage device from its web site to the portal will have to obtain the previous and written authorization of The establishment of the linkage it involves in no case the relations existence between and neither the owner of the place in whom the linkage is established, nor the acceptance or approval on the part of of its contents or services


In our web and they are allowed to realize comments to enrich the contents and to realize consultations. There will not be admitted comments that are not related to the subject-matter of this web, which there include defamations, indignation, insults, personal attacks or absences of respect in general towards the author or towards other members. Also there will be suppressed the comments that contain information that is obviously deceitful or false, as well as the comments that contain personal information, how, for example, domiciles deprived or phones and that damage our information protection politics.
There will be rejected, the same way, those comments created only with promotional ends of a web, person or group and everything what could be considered spam in general.
There are not allowed anonymous, as well as those comments realized by the same person with different nicknames. There will not also be considered to be those comments that try to force a debate or a capture of position by another user.


The Lender neither grants any guarantee nor becomes a person in charge, in any case, of the dammages of any nature that could bring cause of:

  • The absence of availability, maintenance and effective functioning of the web, or of its services and contents;
  • The existence of virus, malicious or harmful programs in the contents;
  • The illicit, negligent, use fraudulent or opposite to this Legal Notice;
  • The absence of legality, quality, reliability, utility and availability of the services given for third and positions at the disposal of the users in the web site.
  • The lender does not become a person in charge under any concept of the damages that could emanate from the illegal or undue use of the present web page.



With general character the relations between the Users of its telematic, present services in this web are submitted to the Spanish legislation and jurisdiction and to the courts.


In case any User had some doubt about these Regulatory requirements or any comment about the portal, please go

On behalf of the team that we form 315 Grams Graphic Laboratory SL we are grateful to you for the time dedicated to reading this Legal Notice